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Ringing in the New Year with Sickness

31 Dec

P1040808 P1040555

This guy, my little Clark Kent, the kid who preferred a Swiffer duster to any of the toys he received for Christmas, is sick.  Really, really sick.  It started with a cough.  Then came the runny nose.  Wheeziness.  Fever.  Symptoms kept stacking up.  I was going to take him to urgent care on Sunday, but then he was better.  Only the runny nose seemed to remain, and he was playing hard.  But then that night, the fever spiked, he was wheezing when he breathed, and he’d lost his appetite.  The appetite thing worried me the most, as this boy loves to eat!

I took him to the doctor this morning.  Poor baby tested positive for both strep and RSV.  He has three prescriptions now, and we’re working hard to get him to drink enough and try to get well.  Not exactly the way we’d hoped to spend New Year’s Eve.


The Nursery

30 Dec

We left our house in Texas in April.  We moved into our house in Oklahoma in May.  (In the interim, we lived in on-campus housing at my husband’s company.)  Our poor baby didn’t get to move into his nursery until September.  Alex had to wait so long for his room because when Steven started working on it, long before we moved into the house, he discovered there was wallpaper under the paint.  And under the wallpaper was a big hole in the wall.  A simple paint job turned into wallpaper stripping, wall repair, and a complete overhaul of the walls and electrical outlets.  (Nothing was wrong with the electrical; the outlets were just painted over and looking icky.)  Of course, all of this took a backseat to unpacking the house, hence, an even longer wait to get it all done.  But finally, after being without a proper nursery for nearly six months, Alex had a happy room to call his own again.



That last photo is the fabric I purchased to make a valance for his window, as that wall looks horribly bare with nothing on the window.  I took these photos in September.  It’s now end of December, and I’ve still not made his curtain.

I’ve Moved

29 Dec

My old blog said I’d run out of space, and I had to pay to do more.  That was pretty much the nail in the coffin.  The blog title hadn’t been relevant for two or three years, and it was feeling a bit disingenuous to post to a blog called Married to the Empire when my husband was rarely doing anything stormtrooper-related anymore.  So, here I am, with a new blog with a new title that relates more to my life as it is today.

If anyone is new here and wants to know the story of how we ended up in Oklahoma, you can read the story here at the old blog.