Closet Overhaul

4 Jan

We left a really nice-sized walk-in closet in our bedroom in Texas and moved into a home with his-and-hers closets.

This was taken prior to move-in, before we painted, and before the nasty carpet was replaced

This was taken prior to move-in, before we painted, and before the nasty carpet was replaced

I forgot to take a before photo of my closet, but Steven’s closet will do to let you know how very inadequate these closets were.

P1040811 P1040813

A single bar and shelf on each side.  Steven could cram his clothes in there, but he had a ton of stuff thrown on top of those shelves, somewhat disorganized.  (You miss the messy shelves because I remembered to take a photo as he was in the process of removing everything from his closet.)  As for me, my clothes didn’t have a prayer of fitting on a mere 2 bars, and those shelves were too inconveniently high to be of any real use to my short self.  All my overflow clothing was in the coat closet, which couldn’t be unpacked and organized until my clothing was removed.  This project was long overdue.

Steven removed a bar and the shelf on one side of my closet.  He raised that bar up towards the ceiling, then added a second bar underneath.  I would have been happy with just that, but my husband wanted to give me extra storage in there.  He put together a shoe-storage cube for me, then built shelves to go on the wall above that.


The build-out my husband did in the center of the closet (and yes, I have way more shoes than are pictured here)


The side where he raised the bar and added another


This side was basically left alone for my longer items, although he did paint the shelf so everything matches

I have more storage space now than I actually need!  I was able to move our bed linens from the linen closet upstairs into my closet.  Very inconvenient to go upstairs to get linens for the downstairs!  And that hanging shelf thing that you can see in the far right of the last picture is gone now, as I don’t need it.  It’s now in the coat closet.

Steven built shelves for the center wall of his closet that go from floor to ceiling.  He raised the bars on both sides of his closet, added a second bar on one side, then put in shelves on the lower half of the other side.


He also now has more closet space than he actually needs.  It’s amazing how just utilizing the given space efficiently can make such a difference!



One Response to “Closet Overhaul”

  1. frugalmomma January 4, 2013 at 9:59 AM #

    see, I told you WordPress thinks I am Frugal Momma. Oh well.
    your closet redos are great- maybe your husband should be working on one of those design shows. I am really impressed that your too-small closets now have more storage than you need.

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