You Can’t Go Home Again… Except When You Can

12 Feb


We were all well enough to take a weekend trip home to Dallas to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday.  Truthfully, I was dreading the trip.  Packing up a baby takes a lot of work, then there’s the long drive (6 hours), and I can’t fail to mention that I found our last trip home at Thanksgiving to be horribly stressful.

But this trip was different.  The drive was easy, other than having to stop at a McDonald’s for an hour to let a restless toddler run around the play place.  (Ick.  After all the illness we’ve endured lately, I couldn’t help but cringe and worry about all the new diseases my kid could be picking up in that cesspool of little-kid germs.)  We stayed with my parents the entire weekend, which means we all were able to sleep well, as it’s quiet there, and the baby has his own room.  We even got to go out to lunch without the baby!  (Cajun food–yum!)  And my mother-in-law’s party went really well.

But that wasn’t necessarily what made the trip so good.  Granted, seeing my parents was wonderful, as all I’ve wanted for the past month-and-a-half is my mama, but there was more that I discovered we needed and received.  We went to our church.

I guess I can’t really call it our church anymore, as we’ve joined a new church up in Oklahoma, but as we were members of our church in Texas for over a decade, it’s still home to us.

We didn’t really publicize that we were in town, and we made no promises that we would be at church.  Everyone’s health has been too unpredictable to make commitments, so a number of people were surprised to see us.  But better than that is they were delighted to see us.  To have teenagers hurtling themselves at us during the welcome was wonderful.  So many hugs from them, as well as other dear friends.  (In case I’ve never mentioned it here, my husband was the youth minister there before we moved.)  People asking how we were feeling, as they’d been following our health ordeal on Facebook.  Folks letting me know they’d been praying for us.

That was the very thing I’d been needing.

I have to be honest.  While I love Texas, I’m falling in love with Oklahoma, too.  Every time I go back to Dallas, I find that there are new things I’m preferring about Oklahoma.   (But there’s still plenty that drives me bonkers.  Like, can we please get a Petsmart in town?!)  But in a mere 10 months, we’ve not been able to develop the sort of relationships we had back in Texas.  That sort of thing takes time.  So going home was exactly what I needed.  Though the time was too brief, being surrounded by people who know me and love me was just the medicine I needed to recharge my spirit.


2 Responses to “You Can’t Go Home Again… Except When You Can”

  1. Gypsy Chaos February 12, 2013 at 11:33 PM #

    I really like the meaning you teased out of your quick trip home. It’s nice to see that you’re finding more things to like about OK – while still holding close to your heart aspects of TX.

  2. carrie February 13, 2013 at 9:29 AM #

    Yay! So glad you had a nice trip, Anne Marie. Hope you’ll have a long stretch of everyone being healthy!

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