Crafty Pursuits

11 Apr

Once upon a time, I made things.  These days, I rarely make anything except dinner.  But over the last few months, I’ve crafted a very small number of things.

I found some spare floor tiles in the shed after we moved in last spring.  I decided to use one to make a chalkboard for my sister for her birthday.  Her birthday is in October, so obviously, I made this a while back.  (When I say I rarely make anything anymore, I’m not kidding!  I have to collect it all here in one post, and there’s not much to show.)


I liked how it turned out, so I made one for myself, too.  I used a Gorilla brand epoxy on the back to attach a wall hanger.  It looked fabulous hanging on my wall… for about a day.  The glue wasn’t strong enough, apparently, and I came home to a shattered chalkboard tile on my kitchen floor.  *sigh*  I didn’t even get a picture of mine, which was made on a green tile.

Moving on…  My niece, also with an October birthday, received a Junque Journal that I put together.  I watched videos on YouTube of how to make one.  It looked fun.  And easy.  Turns out, it was neither.  It was tedious to cut all that paper (and oh my word!  what a lot of paper!) and glue it in.  But ultimately, I really did like how it turned out.  I even used my distress stains on some white seam binding to create different-colored ribbons to use on it.  Good thing my niece is worth it!

P1040529 P1040528


And more recently, I put together Alex’s shoes from his first year and displayed them in a shadow box.  I whited out his name for privacy’s sake, but the bit of white paper in the center says, “Alex’s Full Name: The First Year.”  I love seeing the progression of sizes and that you can see when he started to crawl because the bigger shoes are all scuffed up.  I have no problem giving away his outgrown clothes, but there’s something about his darling little shoes that I have a terrible time parting with…




One Response to “Crafty Pursuits”

  1. carrie April 12, 2013 at 1:51 PM #

    Fun crafts, Anne Marie. What a neat idea to display Alex’s shoes!

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