3 Oct

Our handsome little Matthew Alexander turned two recently.  Unlike his first birthday, I didn’t go all out with a theme or decor or a color scheme.  I didn’t really do anything besides make one of his favorite meals, bake a cake, and buy him presents.  I think if he were a girl, he might someday look back at the pictures and wonder why I didn’t have a color-coordinated candy bar and decorated water bottles, not to mention practically everyone we know in attendance.  But  he’s a boy, and I suspect he won’t care in the slightest.  And that’s assuming he ever goes back and looks at the pictures.

Score one for boys being easier!   Granted, we haven’t tried potty training yet, so I may eat those words in the future.

We didn’t even invite anyone other than my parents, who drove in from Texas to celebrate with us.  And dinner was nothing more than homemade macaroni and cheese, peas, and carrots.  Humble, for sure.  But I had a very happy boy, as he got to eat a favorite meal with some of his favorite people in the world.  What more could a little boy ask for?

Well, maybe a tricycle.


And getting to ride facing forward in the car for the first time.


And a super-awesome playset for the backyard, complete with assembly by Grandpa and Daddy.

P1050964 P1050967 P1050969 P1050976(

(They weren’t able to get it done, but Steven has since gotten the playset several steps closer to finished.)

Homemade cake with a bad icing job made Alex quite happy.  He’s such a big boy that he’s now able to blow out candles.  He got practice ahead of time at church with his new job.  He’s now the unofficial candle-blower-outer.  He takes his job very seriously and scans the sanctuary for every lit candle in the place.  Apparently, getting to blow out candles is a Big Deal when you’re two.

P1050924 P1050925 P1050942

His favorite gift of all, though?  Helium balloons.  Steven brought them home while Alex was napping, and you’d have thought the kid hit the jackpot when he woke up and found them downstairs.  Open presents?  Why?!  There are balloons, people!

P1050902_edited-1 P1050903 P1050904 P1050906_edited-1 P1050913_edited-1 P1050921_edited-1

Once the balloons lost their helium, his new toys became interesting.  Bob the Tomato goes everywhere with us now, and Alex shows off his new bubble mower to any neighbor he sees.  He even showed it off to the dogs next door.  Because dogs care about these things, you know.

Life is good when you’re two.


2 Responses to “Two”

  1. bill October 4, 2013 at 7:21 AM #

    The blog today does bring back memories when such things as you write about had a big priority at our house. Hope you all had a good birthday. Noticed your blog because of the title, read it because you write well.

  2. carrie October 4, 2013 at 1:35 PM #

    Hooray! Happy belated birthday to Alex. We’ve had the same thing with balloons–helium or otherwise–being a prized gift!

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